My name is pronounced as Gina, but the h is silent like how the g is silent in lasagna.

I am a multidisciplinary designer + graphic artist.

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Ginah's Personal Branding

Personal identity, Self branding, Web design

A new personal brand identity that encompasses me!

Autonomy eSports

Brand identity , Motion graphics, Typography

Providing resources and opportunities for women and marginalized genders to participate in eSports.

Riverwards Produce

Brand identity, Social media marketing, Packaging

The FRESH, STEAMY, SPICY, rebranding for the beloved local market located at the heart of the Riverwards District in Philadelphia.

Lumi Protector of the Flame

2D Game design, Character animation, Illustration

You must protect her at all cost.

Camper Animation Series

Illustration, Character animation, Motion graphics

What activities do you enjoy when camping?

1984 Typographic Book Cover

Typography, Editorial design, Publication

A simple, fresh, typographic approach to George Orwell's chilling prophecy about the future, 1984.

Client Projects

Logos, Visual identities, Illustration, Posters

A little bit of everything.