1984 Typographic Book Cover

Typography, Editorial design, Publication

The assignment was to create a typographic book cover from a list of famous works of literature. I decided to redesign George Orwell's 1984 to create a chilling imagery of "Big Brother watching".

Student work
Tyler School of Art + Architecture, Temple University
Art Direction
Dermot Mac Cormack
Project Year
Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
Awards & Recognition
Graphic and Interactive Design Alumni Award for Branding | Tyler School of Art | 2022
Animation Storyboards
Character Sketches
Camper Character Animations
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Early Concept Design
Game Assets
Character Design Development
Design & Development
When designing the character, I wanted the player to play as a hiker who gets lost in the woods. Originally I wanted the environment to be in a rainy setting so I created a character that would be appropriately equipped to trek that type of environment. As I continued conceptualizing the game, I wanted to create a game that was more artistically stylized, immersive and atmospheric. A game that would transport you into another world through the art and sound design.
Old Character Model: Idle Animation
Old Character Model: Walk-cycle Animation

Updated Character Animations

My original character designs were created originally so that I could understand the physics of the character. Once I figured out how the character would move, I created an updated version of the character that felt more whimsical. Even the movements of the character and flame feels light and bouncy. You play as a mysterious child who may not even be fully human. It's up to the player's interpretation.

Updated Character Model: Idle Animation
Updated Character Model: Walk-cycle Animation
Updated Character Model: Jump Animation
Environment Design
First design of the game environment
Game environment: Iteration 2
Game environment: Iteration 3

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