Riverwards Produce

Brand identity, Social media marketing, Packaging

The assignment was to re-brand a small business of my choosing, particularly one with a value proposition that resonated with my own beliefs. As someone who is passionate about health and the positive effects that a healthy diet has on the body and the mind, Riverwards Produce was the perfect choice for me to rebrand. Riverwards Produce is a neighborhood grocer & market proudly located in the heart of Fishtown, Philadelphia.They strive to source the freshest, seasonal, produce from local area farmers and the highest quality ingredients from small businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Their top priority is to provide their community with access to fresh food because they believe that benefits of cooking healthy meals can create the building blocks to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Student work
Tyler School of Art + Architecture, Temple University
Art Direction
Rodd Whitney
Project Year
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD
Awards & Recognition
Graphic and Interactive Design Alumni Award for Branding | Tyler School of Art | 2022
Animation Storyboards
Character Sketches
Camper Character Animations
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Early Concept Design
Game Assets
Character Design Development
Design & Development
When designing the character, I wanted the player to play as a hiker who gets lost in the woods. Originally I wanted the environment to be in a rainy setting so I created a character that would be appropriately equipped to trek that type of environment. As I continued conceptualizing the game, I wanted to create a game that was more artistically stylized, immersive and atmospheric. A game that would transport you into another world through the art and sound design.
Old Character Model: Idle Animation
Old Character Model: Walk-cycle Animation

Updated Character Animations

My original character designs were created originally so that I could understand the physics of the character. Once I figured out how the character would move, I created an updated version of the character that felt more whimsical. Even the movements of the character and flame feels light and bouncy. You play as a mysterious child who may not even be fully human. It's up to the player's interpretation.

Updated Character Model: Idle Animation
Updated Character Model: Walk-cycle Animation
Updated Character Model: Jump Animation
Environment Design
First design of the game environment
Game environment: Iteration 2
Game environment: Iteration 3

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